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No. 23 Chu-Kung 3rd lane Jen-Wu district Kaohsiung Taiwan
Phone: 886-7-3720158
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Company Description

An Jarl enterprise co., ltd. has been a manufacturer of farming implements for more than 40 years. In 1985 it was established to be a limited company.
Our ISO 9001:2008 certified factory is in Kaohsiung, a city in southern Taiwan. Firstly we produced sprinkling soaker hoses (sprinkler hose, irrigation tape) in Taiwan and grew to be a main supplier for the past 20 years in this area.

Gradually our product series was expanded to mulch film, tunnel greenhouse films, accessories for agriculture & horticulture, sprinklers, irrigation implements, cooling & moisture system, garden hoses, pipes, seedling trays, etc.

Our products are used in many farmlands for the planting of melons, fruits, vegetables, trees, tea, flowers and so on. Our customers are distributed throughout Taiwan, Japan, China and Southeast Asia, India, U.S.A., Latin America etc. In recent years we’ve especially supplied many high quality of sprinkling soaker hoses (sprinkler hose) for the nursery of oil palms in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Compete with the high quality products made in Japan, such as Sumisansui, Kiriko etc.

Now we are expanding our agriculture & horticulture implements to a wider range. Besides products that are used in the open farmland, we also supply the accessories used in net houses and greenhouses. The other new products are hanging sprinkling soaker hoses which can be hung indoors and outdoors to sprinkle mistily.

Besides the agricultural area we are the main manufacturer of high quality ventilators for sea containers in the world. Many container owners are in favor of our ventilators. The reliable quality of our ventilators is certified by T.I.R. France. We have the most types of ventilators for different containers.

We create new items every year, hear from customers and develop the products they need. Now we create section spray sprinkling soaker hoses (sprinkler hose) which avoid to watering the spaces those have no crop. That save water and keep the spaces less weeds. Next step we'll develop new drip system operated with low pressure and very low blocking. This system can make drip irrigation easier and long time for use. The further purpose to us is to be a worldwide leader in the suppliers of agriculture & horticulture accessories in the near future.

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